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Welcome to SMAS, your number one source for all Accounting, Finance & Taxation Problems. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of our services with a focus on three characteristics, i.e. dependability, customer service and uniqueness.
Founded in 2017 by Sonam Mishra, SMAS has covered some distance from its beginnings. When she first started out, her passion for helping other startups & individual is more efficiently, providing the best services for her client drove her to action, to do intense research, quit her day job, and gave her the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into a Accounting firm. We have now started serving clients online, and are thrilled to be a part of the startups, individuals, wing of the Accounting, Finance & Taxation industry.
We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Reasons to file ITR

5 Reasons

Tax payers generally take filing of income tax return as a burden or an additional nod put on by the government. In fact, Income Tax Return is just a Statement of Income earned from various sources of income under 5 Heads such as Salary, House Property, Capital Gains, Business Profession, and Other Sources.

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Accounting Terms


Assets are economic resources which are owned by a business. Or in other words Assets are things of value owned by a business. Asset may have definite physical character for example, building machinery etc. or may not have physical character for example, amount due from creditors, patent right etc.

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Why your business needs bookkeeping?

For Taking Business Loan

if you are interested in taking out a loan or some other form of bank financing, your bank will require financial data from you that will prove to them your business is in good economic standing. Banks want to see copies of your statements, cash flow budgets, and any other such financial data.

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Frequently Asked Questions !

Having good bookkeeping will ensure you have efficient accounting systems. This helps you manage critical components of your business.

Most small and medium business owners do not have the knowledge, time or ability to effectively perform their bookkeeping duties. Outsourcing a bookkeeper will provide you with the time required to focus on your businesses operations.

Yes your taxes can be done for you at a great price.
If you prefer to use your own CPA, we will ensure your books are accurately updated throughout the year so they’re ready to be passed on to your tax preparer.

Contrary to popular belief, accountants and bookkeepers perform distinctly different tasks for the businesses they serve. Bookkeepers are responsible for on-going maintenance of their clients’ general ledgers. A bookkeeper’s common responsibilities consist of:

• Compiling data on a daily basis
• Categorizing expenses in the general ledger
• Reviewing the general ledger for accuracy
• Reconciling bank statements against the general ledger
• Generating financial statements

Accountants use the accurate and up-to-date general ledger maintained by the bookkeeper to provide advisory services, such as:

• Analyzing the company’s financial data
• Preparing income tax returns
• Providing tax planning advice

SMAS provides the following services:

• Money-in/revenue reconciliation – Recording deposits, matching payments to accounts receivable, cash flow management
• Expense management – Expenses categorization, accounts payable, receipt
• Bill payment – Online bill payment, document storage

It depend on the service requirements; basically we provide the best deal in the market.

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